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Teaching examples (by time unit) State sovereignty and territorial issues (based on the Northern Territories)

Teaching content

  • The history of the Northern Territories issue and facts about the current situation (The four northern islands are territory over which Japan has sovereignty.)
  • Japan's sovereignty has been violated by illegal occupation by Russia.

Evaluation criteria

  • Interest, motivation and attitude
    Students are increasingly interested in the details of the territorial issue involving the four northern islands with Russia, including what was illegal about the Soviet Union's occupation of the four northern islands and why the Japanese government has been requesting their return.
  • Thought, judgment and expression
    Students can consider what is wrong with the Soviet occupation and what the consequences have been of this violation of Japan's sovereignty, and they can express their opinions.
  • Skills
  • Knowledge and understanding
    Students understand that the four northern islands had never been held by a foreign country, in connection with the changing border arrangements between Russia and Japan.

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