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Teaching examples (by time unit) The study of solutions to the international issue (the Northern Territories issue) based on the position of former islanders

Teaching content

  • The lives of residents of the four northern islands before the war
  • The Soviet invasion and illegal occupation after the Second World War and their influence on former islanders
  • The Japanese government's claim to the Northern Territories

Evaluation criteria

  • Interest, motivation and attitude
    Students are interested in the Northern Territories issue as a matter of their own country and as a problem that is relevant to them.
  • Thought, judgment and expression
    Students can independently consider an ideal resolution to the Northern Territories issue as an international territorial issue, and specific measures for it.
  • Skills
  • Knowledge and understanding
    Students understand the following: Before the war, Japanese were living on the four northern islands that are now illegally occupied by Russia. However, the invasion by the Soviet Union shortly after the end of the war forced islanders to leave their homeland, and these former islanders remain unable to travel freely to the four islands.

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