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Teaching examples (by time unit) Changes in the border between Japan and Russia, and the current situation

Teaching content

  • Changes in the border between Japan and Russia, and the position of the four northern islands with each change
  • The extent of the northern regions of Japan and the need for the four northern islands to return

Note: This teaching content includes international law covered in civics of junior high school social studies.

Evaluation criteria

  • Interest, motivation and attitude
    Students are increasingly interested in the details of the Northern Territories issue, such as how the four northern islands came to be illegally occupied by Soviet troops, how the Japanese islanders were treated at that time, and what the islands are like today.
  • Thought, judgment and expression
    Based on historical facts and a correct understanding of the current situation, students can state their views on why the return of the four northern islands is necessary and what should be done to achieve it.
  • Skills
  • Knowledge and understanding
    Students understand the key points in the history of the four northern islands, such as the changes in the arrangement relating to the attribution of the four islands, the status of the Soviet invasion, and the current situation.

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