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Teaching examples (by time unit) Japanese territory and the location of the Northern Territories

Teaching content

  • The definition and meaning of Japanese territory and of terms for areas over which Japan has rights
  • Current status and characteristics of Japanese territory, and the background and factors behind these

Evaluation criteria

  • Interest, motivation and attitude
    Students are increasingly interested in the following: why there are various definitions of Japanese territory, what areas Japan has some rights to, and what are the meanings of the terms for these.
  • Thought, judgment and expression
    Students can put together and express their own ideas on why there are various interstate issues of sovereignty over remote islands.
  • Skills
  • Knowledge and understanding
    Students understand the definition of Japanese territory and the areas where Japan has some rights, and correctly understand the relationship between remote islands, including the four northern islands, and Japanese territory.
    Students understand how valuable a state's territory and exclusive economic zone are to that state.

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