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Teaching examples (by time unit) The rediscovery of the Northern Territories through a comparison between their characteristics and those of Hokkaido

Teaching content

  • Current situation of the four northern islands
  • Nature in the four northern islands, and life on the four northern islands today

Note: This teaching content covers the topography of a specific area in depth and includes a lot of advanced materials for geography in junior high school social studies.

Evaluation criteria

  • Interest, motivation and attitude
    Students are interested in the Northern Territories issue as a matter of their own country and as a problem that is relevant to them.
  • Thought, judgment and expression
    Students can independently consider events in various regions of Japan, including the Northern Territories issue, and relations between Japan and other countries as matters relevant to them. (In this section, which deals with the Northern Territories issue as an example, they can independently consider measures to resolve the issue.)
  • Skills
  • Knowledge and understanding
    Students understand that the Northern Territories, which are often recognized as involving a diplomatic and historical issue, have natural characteristics similar to those of eastern Hokkaido, across the strait.

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