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The ship Etopirika

Etopirika is a ship that was built in accordance with the national government's Policy for the Implementation of Four-Island Exchanges and the Securement of a Successor Ship and that entered service in FY 2012. It has been used for the four-island exchange program.

Ship name Etopirika (chosen from entries from the public)
Gross tonnage 1,1,124 tons
Length 66.51 m
Passenger capacity 84 people
Owner Marine Adventure Co., Ltd.
Dining-cum-assembly room
Cabin (for eight people)
Etopirika pamphlet

Origin of the ship name

The name Etopirika was chosen from 2,469 entries received from throughout the country.
The ship is named after the tufted puffin (etopirika), a seabird that lives in the waters of the Nemuro Peninsula and the four northern islands. This beautiful bird has an orange beak, cream-colored feathers sweeping down from its head, and a white face.

The reason for selection

  • The beautiful tufted puffin, which freely travels between its home (the four northern islands) and and the other islands of Japan symbolizes mutual visits under the visa-free exchange program and free visits by former islanders. It was, therefore, considered suitable for the name of a ship used for the four-island exchange program.
  • In addition, the pirika of Etopirika means “beautiful” in the Ainu language, so it is also considered suitable for the ship.

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