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Overview of the financing system

The Northern Regions (Habomai, Shikotan, Kunashiri and Etorofu) are undoubtedly integral parts of Japanese territory historically and in light of international law. However, since they were occupied by the former Soviet Union in August 1945, the special situation under which Japan’s administrative rights are hindered has continued.

This has put former residents of the Northern Regions and former fishing rights holders in a difficult situation that prevents them from living on the islands and fishing in the surrounding waters.
The Association's financing system provides low-interest funds to former residents and former fishing rights holders in such positions based on the Act on Special Measures for Persons Who Held Fishing Rights in Relation to Northern Regions to stabilize their fishing and other businesses and livelihoods.

Today, as former residents get older and depend on their children and grandchildren for support, a "living succession" system to transfer borrowing qualifications to children and grandchildren who support former residents was established in October 1996.

In April 2008, some of the residence requirements for lending to former residents were eased. In addition, it became possible to transfer to children or grandchildren the qualifications of former islanders who had met the requirements of the “living succession system” but who had died due to unforeseen circumstances before completing the proper procedures.

In April 2019, it became possible for the qualification to be transferred to multiple people, including spouses, if certain requirements related to livelihood maintenance and living stability were met.

We hope that our financing activities will continue to contribute to the stability of the lives of former residents and former fishing rights holders and will support the activities of former residents who promote the irredentist movement toward the urgent resolution of the Northern Territories issue.


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