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As of April 1, 2020

Recommended Environment

To view this website, the latest editions of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Apple Safari, or the standard browser of iOS and Android, are recommended.
Since each company’s browser conducts version upgrades to enhance security and to add functionality, please make sure you are protected by the latest security updates of your browsers. Unexpected display may be shown depending on the settings of your terminal and some browsers and applications.
To strengthen security on this website, SSL is always utilized. Since all pages of the website are converted into https (encryption of communication) by TLS1.2, the use of some old environments or browsers may cause a failure to display. Please confirm your environment and settings for such cases.


To access the content of this website, you are advised to prepare the following plug-in software.
Adobe Reader: The Adobe Reader plug-in, provided free of charge by Adobe, is required to view files in PDF format.

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Use of JavaScript

This website utilizes JavaScript for user convenience. In the event that JavaScript is invalid, the content may not operate properly, or pages may not be displayed. When using this website, please enable JavaScript.

Use of Cookies

For users’ convenience in viewing this website and obtaining information to improve the website continuously, cookies are adopted.
Cookies are information sent to your browser from servers related to the operation of this website, and the information is resident on the user’s PC. However, the recorded information never includes data that identify individuals, such as user names, addresses and telephone numbers.
In addition, this website utilizes Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, to track the access status of this website. The access data mentioned above will be used only for the purpose of analyzing the site utilization status.

Users can disable cookies by changing the browser setting. Please note that, in that case, some services are disabled.

Responsive Design

This website uses Responsive Web Design to automatically change and optimize the layout according to the screen size, except for some incompatible websites. For iOS or Android users, browsers supporting CSS3 Media Queries are recommended. On some PCs, the expected layout may not be displayed.

External Services

Part of this website uses external services such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. For the explanations on the terms of use, please refer to the respective websites.

Multilingual Support

This website is available in Japanese, English and Russian versions. The English and Russian versions are provided as translations of some parts of the Japanese version.

Information Security

This website uses GeoTrust server certification and encrypts the domain authentication and communication (TLS1.2) for the safety of users. The evaluation results can be confirmed by the icon shown below.

What is the SSL?

Enabling cookies

Please be sure to read the "User Guide" before using this site. This website uses cookies to improve the convenience of the site. By continuing to browse this site, you are giving your permission for the use of cookies.