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Outline of the movie “Giovanni’s Island”

映画「ジョバンニの島」 ジャケット 映画「ジョバンニの島」 ポスター

Giovanni’s Island is an animated movie that's set on Shikotan Island and is based on the experience of Mr. Hiroshi Tokuno (from Shikotan Island, the Chishima Federation Support Issue Committee), who is a former islander of the Northern Territories and who remains active as a storyteller.
It was released in February 2014 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Japan Association of Music Enterprises.

Soviet troops are stationed on Shikotan Island, one of the four northern islands. The film depicts the sadness of those who can never return to their hometown and young brothers who keep thinking of reuniting with their father. This is a story about people who live proudly while being tossed about by harsh fate. (Junpei, the main character, is based on Mr. Hiroshi Tokuno.)

Click here for the Giovanni’s Island official website

Mr. Hiroshi Tokuno: “Testimonies of History: Storytellers of the Northern Territories”

Note: The Northern Territories Issue Association covers the costs for the DVD of “Giovanni’s Island” in projects run by prefectural councils and educator councils.


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