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Kids' quiz 3

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Kids' quiz 3

The following are questions about historical issues and the current state of the Northern Territories. (Passing score: 80 points out of 100)

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Question 1

When did the Northern Territories begin to be surveyed in earnest?

The Heian period
The Muromachi period
The Edo period
Description of question 1, additional information and trivia: 
The Matsumae Domain, which controlled Ezochi (today's Hokkaido), conducted a survey of all islands of Hokkaido and Sakhalin in 1635. In 1644, the Edo Shogunate created the Shoho Domain Map based on a map drafted by the Matsumae Domain. This map shows the names of the islands, such as "Kunashiri" and "Etohoro."

Question 2

The 1855 Treaty of Commerce, Navigation and Delimitation between Japan and Russia defined the border between these countries as being between Uruppu Island and which island?

Etorofu Island
Kunashiri Island
The Habomai Islands
Description of question 2, additional information and trivia: 
Under the Treaty of Commerce, Navigation and Delimitation between Japan and Russia, the border between Japan and Russia was peacefully established between Etorofu Island and Uruppu Island. It was also decided that the four northern islands were Japanese territory and the Kurile Islands north of Uruppu Island were Russian territory. Sakhalin was decided to be an area co-inhabited by Japanese and Russians.

Question 3

Which of the following wars occurred between Japan and Russia in 1904?

The Sino-Japanese War
The Russo-Japanese War
The Pacific War
Description of question 3, additional information and trivia: 
In 1905, following the end of the war, Japan and Russia concluded the Portsmouth Peace Treaty, under which Minami Karafuto became Japanese territory.

Question 4

Which Soviet president proposed the visa-free exchange program?

President Gorbachev
President Yeltsin
President Putin
Description of question 4, additional information and trivia: 
The visa-free exchange program began in 1992 based on a proposal by the Soviet Union when President Gorbachev came to Japan in 1991.

Question 5

What's the main industry of the four northern islands?

Fishing and fishery processing
Description of question 5, additional information and trivia: 
The main industry of the four northern islands is fishing and fishery processing. The four northern islands have rich fishing grounds due to the surrounding ocean currents. In addition, a large fishery processing company on Etorofu Island engages in fishery processing using the latest equipment.
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