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Kids' quiz 2

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Kids' quiz 2

The following are questions about the geography and current state of the Northern Territories. (Passing score: 80 points out of 100)

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Question 1

What is the average temperature in February in the Northern Territories?

Description of question 1, additional information and trivia: 
The average temperature in February is warmer in the Northern Territories than in the inner part of Hokkaido due to the ocean current, and there's less snow. Summer temperatures are not too high, with an average of 16°C even in August, the hottest month.

Question 2

Which of the following islands is the largest?

Okinawa Island
Etorofu Island
Sado Island
Description of question 2, additional information and trivia: 
Etorofu Island (3,167 km2) in the Northern Territories is the largest island in Japan other than the four main islands. It's much larger than Tokyo (2,187 m2) or Osaka (1,893 m2).

Question 3

Which of these animals lives in the Northern Territories?

The tufted puffin (etopirika)
The Iriomote cat
The panda
Description of question 3, additional information and trivia:  
The Northern Territories are home to tufted puffins (etopirika), as well as Ezo red foxes, seals, sea otters, dolphins, white-tailed eagles, and Blakiston's fish owls.

Question 4

How many Russians live in the Northern Territories?

About 18,000人
About 88,946人
About 1,855人
Description of question 4, additional information and trivia: 
According to Russian statistics (2018), about 18,000 people live in the Northern Territories: 6,409 on Etorofu Island, 8,531 on Kunashiri Island and 3,070 on Shikotan Island. Only border guards live on the Habomai Islands.

Question 5

What is the highest mountain on the four northern islands?

Mt. Chirippu
Mt. Chacha
Mr. Rausu
Description of question 5, additional information and trivia: 
Mt. Chacha on Kunashiri Island is 1,822 m in elevation, making it the highest mountain on the four northern islands.
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